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The need for high-quality security uniform

Uniforms play a pivotal role in the world of security. From dedicated security guards to airport security personnel and beyond. Security uniforms serve as a symbol of authority and professionalism whilst ensuring safety and security. They instil a sense of discipline and unity among security professionals, creating a visible and reassuring presence that helps deter potential threats. Uniforms for security personnel also enable quick identification, helping the public and colleagues easily recognise who to turn to in times of need.

Those working in security often have to work in a range of inside and outside conditions, often facing danger. It's essential that their uniform protects them and offers safety as well as comfort when it comes to long shifts.

At Tower, we supply a range of security uniforms to meet the needs of the individual from hi-vis jackets for those working in poor visibility conditions to shirts and ties for airport security, and jackets for those working outside.

Variety of products

From coats and jackets to shirts and hi-vis, we help you find the uniform to keep your security personnel not only visible but protected.

Quality & expertise

With over 40 years of workwear and PPE expertise, Tower knows how to protect workers in all walks of security roles, helping keep them protected whilst they protect others.

Custom solutions

Uniform doesn't have to be boring. Using our branding solutions we can add your logo to any uniform, ensuring it is specific and unique to your company.


At Tower we are passionate about sustainability and protecting the world around us. This applies to our uniform and workwear, ensuring every aspect of the supply chain is as sustainable as possible.

Security uniforms

Security guard uniforms

When it comes to security guards, they can work in a range of environments from outdoors events to entertainment venues and corporate settings.

Uniforms are not just attire for security guards; they are a symbol of professionalism, discipline, and reliability. They serve as a visual deterrent to potential wrongdoers, making it clear that security is present and vigilant.

Uniforms are designed for functionality and safety, often equipped with pockets and features to carry essential tools and equipment. This ensures security personnel can respond promptly and are also protected against harm they may come upon themselves.

At crowded events and entertainment venues, uniforms can help security guards become easily recognisable and therefore easily accessible if trouble arises and they need to step in.

In corporate security, looking professional is key. Corporate settings demand a polished appearance, and uniforms enable security personnel to blend seamlessly into the corporate environment while maintaining a clear presence. A professional appearance not only enhances credibility but also fosters a sense of trust among those in the setting.

Airport security uniforms

The importance of uniforms in this context goes beyond practicality; they signify a commitment to safety and security within a highly dynamic and sensitive environment.

Airport security personnel wearing uniforms not only project authority but also provide a comforting and recognisable presence to travellers. These uniforms also contribute to the overall brand identity of the airport, creating a sense of trust and reliability among passengers. Those passing through an airport want confidence that their safety is top priority and airport security uniforms can help reinforce this message.

Female security uniforms

When it comes to female security personnel, finding the perfect fit uniform can sometimes be an issue. It can often feel that the uniform is only designed with their male colleagues in mind.

At Tower Supplies we want to change that and create uniform that protects workers equally, no matter their gender.

Our custom solutions mean we can provide quality female-fit PPE that fully protects the wearer. Discover our female-fit PPE solutions.

Protective security uniforms

Protective security uniforms are more than just clothing; they are a shield for those who wear them. These uniforms are a vital element in safeguarding the well-being of the wearers in high-risk and challenging environments.

The reliability and robustness of these uniforms offer a layer of protection that is not only physical but also symbolic, reinforcing the paramount importance of keeping those who protect us secure.

Whether it's reinforced clothing, helmets or more, these protective items ensure the safety of the wearer is paramount in all conditions.

Hi-Vis security uniforms

High-visibility (hi-vis) security uniforms are extremely important in environments where visibility and safety are crucial. These uniforms mean personnel are easily identifiable even in low-light conditions or crowded spaces. Hi-vis uniforms not only deter potential threats but also enhance the response time in emergencies as security personnel can be identified quickly.

Branded security uniforms

Branded security uniforms are a key element in establishing a professional and trustworthy image for security personnel. By featuring a recognisable logo or company colours, these uniforms create a sense of cohesion and identity among the security team.

The visibility of your brand on the uniform fosters a sense of accountability, as it serves as a reminder to security personnel that they represent a reputable and reliable organisation. This can enhance public perception, promoting a feeling of trust and reliability among those facing your organisation.

Tower Supplies offer branded work wear and PPE. Take a look at our custom solutions.

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