200225 Tower Recycle Box

Secure Garment Disposal

Have you considered how your corporate identity might be used fraudulently or whether your teams are thinking about the environment when disposing of corporate workwear?

We’re here to help you dispose of your garments securely and sustainably. Our processes can help you to account for every item and contribute towards your company’s environmental goals.


Tower can help you to protect against identity fraud by finding the right solution for your workplace – one that considers the number of wearers, sites and products to be recycled.

Despatch for recycling

  • PPE recycling box
  • Entry level solution
  • Ideal solution for multiple sites
  • Considers your process for logos

Despatch for secure destruction and recycling

  • On-demand solution
  • Secure destruction of branded garments
  • Repurposes waste

Collection for secure destruction and recycling

  • Scheduled collection routine
  • Premium solution
  • Effective for large sites with multi wearers
  • Secure destruction of branded garments
  • Repurposes waste


Recycling is a key part of the circular economy, helping to protect our natural resources. Tower operates to the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard, which requires our adherence to environmental processes and continuous improvement.

Tower provides solutions to support the recycling, re-use and re-purposing of products. We also stock items that contain recycled and reused products, such as hi-vis clothing, reusable overshoes and reusable face coverings.

Hi-vis made from recycled clothing (Ecovis)

A 100% recycled polyester with 50% less emissions and less carbon dioxide

Reusable overshoe

Reusable and washable, these overshoes can replace 14kg of plastic per year. They also have 75% more grip than plastic.

Reusable face coverings

Suitable when you don’t need to meet the safety standard of a medical device mask or PPE respirator. Reusable face coverings can be washed up to 50-times and you can add your corporate branding.

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