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Maintaining a clean and healthy workplace is crucial for the success of any business. But traditional cleaning methods can often harm the environment and pose health risks to employees. That's why we're dedicated to providing eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are effective, efficient, and sustainable.

Our mission is to be the ultimate sustainable solutions provider. Our range of products and services utilise the latest technology to completely transform the cleaning and hygiene practices of our customers so that they use less water, synthetic chemicals, and single-use plastics.

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  • Carbon Footprint2
    Reduce carbon footprint Our mission is to help businesses improve their green cleaning credentials. Whether it’s about using less water, less chemicals, or producing less waste, we promise we will find you a suitable solution that helps you reduce your environmental impact and minimise your carbon footprint.

    Reducing your carbon footprint can be achieved in multiple ways. As a sustainable solutions partner, we can help you through reviewing how and what you buy, to reduce the number of products you use with rationalisation, finding more sustainable alternatives, reducing the number of deliveries, and providing innovative products.

    One of our product solution categories is water-based cleaning and sanitising. Using the latest technology, these products create an effective, endless supply of environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfectant solution. This is massively reducing the carbon footprint of many leading companies around the world.
  • Chemical usage2
    Reduce chemical usage As a leading sustainable solutions provider, we deliver an impartial service to help you reach your goals. We also recognise that one of the biggest problems today is the use of countless synthetic chemicals in the everyday cleaning of offices, vessels, and many other work environments.

    Solutions range from controlled dispensing of highly concentrated cleaning products (designed to reduce the amount of cleaning product being used and reduce waste), to water-based cleaning systems.

    We provide water-based solutions that offer a fully sustainable way to clean and disinfect your spaces, such as electro-chemically activated water (ECA) and Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO). Both can replace nearly all your traditional cleaning products, drastically lessen your use of harmful chemicals, and completely transform your cleaning and hygiene practices.
  • Save water2
    Reduce water waste Fresh water is running out, fast. And it’s a problem getting worse every day due to climate change. That’s why we are providing businesses with ways to drastically reduce their water use in their cleaning business. One of our leading solutions is the i-mop, as used by leading companies including P&O Cruises.

    The latest in hygiene & janitorial solutions, the i-mop is 90% cleaner, and 70% faster than conventional wet mopping, leaving floors dry and safe immediately after use. And uses up to 90% less water than traditional mopping. The i-mop is a game-changer for its efficiency and eco-credentials. It’s designed to use microfiber technology, requiring less water and fewer chemicals to reduce its environmental impact. Its water-saving properties make it excellent for those looking to minimise their water usage without sacrificing cleaning performance.
  • Save money2
    Reduce overall costs Installing water-based sustainable cleaning systems can produce an endless supply of liquid solution that can be easily and quickly dispensed into buckets, sprayers, or containers. But the main benefit to cost-in-use is the fact it replaces up to 90% of traditional cleaning products. We can show you the long-term cost saving this delivers, just contact us to have a chat with one of our experts.

    The i-Mop cleaning system uses less water and cleaning products while increasing productivity and reducing overall costs.

    There are other ways we can help you reduce costs too. CtrlCloud is our innovative online ordering platform system that, through increasing efficiency, can deliver cost savings of up to 20%. It’s a better way to take control of your orders and manage stock, consignments, inventories, and more. Easily create a product quota or budget for each wearer or their role. Plus, the delegation of authority function supports cost-saving and reduces supply across your range.
  • Reduce plastic2
    Reduce plastic use Reducing the use of plastics is both a sustainability and environmentally conscious issue. It is one of the biggest topics in the cleaning and hygiene industry and involves the elimination or reduction of plastic materials in the cleaning process. But how can Tower help companies reduce single-use plastic in cleaning.

    Although there are super concentrates and ways to dispense solutions from a machine to avoid the need for containers, we believe one of the best solutions is to replace the synthetic chemical use altogether with innovative water-based solutions such as ECA and SAO technology. These solutions are also completely ocean-safe and harmlessly dissipate when in contact with water.
  • Protect staff2
    Reduce risk to staff Helping to maintain clean and hygienic work environments is a vital service that has never been more important following the COVID-19 outbreak. Commercial cleaning in fact reduces the risk of employees catching common viruses like the flu by up to 80%.

    But research shows that using cleaning chemicals, especially if used incorrectly in poorly ventilated areas, can expose workers to dangers such as chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and severe headaches. That’s why our goal is to provide alternatives that protect their health and safety.

    100% hypoallergenic solutions such as our CtrlFlow ECA and SAO water-based cleaning solutions are completely free of synthetic chemicals. That means there is no risk of irritation to the skin, and it also eliminates the need for chemical handling PPE equipment and training.

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ECA Water and SAO

Taking a closer look at ECA water and SAO, two leading water-based solutions to sustainable cleaning that removes most of the reliance on synthetic chemicals and single use plastics.
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