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We’re experts in technical safety. And with 40 years’ experience supplying PPE, workwear, and safety equipment to leading companies such as P&O, DP World, and Red Funnel, we understand the industry.

Technical safety is one of our biggest concerns. That's why as well as supplying and recommending products, we provide useful guidance on how to stay safe. Catch up on our latest technical safety information below...

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Technical Safety in the marine industry

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  • Working at heights square
    Working at heights According to the HSE, working at height remains one of the main causes of fatalities and major injuries. The law requires employers to ensure those working at height are properly trained and have suitable PPE.

    To protect those working at height, we provide a full range of harnesses, lanyards, fall arrest and related items.

    In addition, those on the ground need to be kept safe from falling objects, so we also provide tool tethering solutions to prevent injury from falling tools and other objects.

    Other PPE would include suitable safety footwear, gloves, eye protection, safety helmets (e.g. climbing style with no or mini peaks), masks and ear protection, as well as workwear and hi vis clothing.
  • Confined space square
    Confined spaces Apart from the physical challenges of working in a small, possibly claustrophobic and dimly lit environment, confined spaces can be dangerous from risk of fumes, reduced oxygen levels or asphyxiation from sources such as dust, grain or other contaminants, and dangers such flooding and drowning.

    As well as a complete range of PPE including breathing apparatus, access equipment and escape kits, we also help with equipment servicing and work with manufacturers to develop specialist solutions for customers’ unique challenges.
  • Foul Weather square
    Foul weather Working offshore or dockside in foul weather or extreme temperatures requires protective clothing and PPE to keep workers warm and dry, and also visible.

    This not only includes waterproof jackets, trousers and coveralls but also suitable safety footwear and gloves.

    A layering system including a thermal base layer, mid-layer and waterproof outer layer helps the body retain heat and can be removed when inside.
  • Working near water square
    Working near water Whether working onshore near water or offshore, we help protect workers with buoyancy aids, life jackets and inflatable vests to prevent drowning as well as regular maintenance and servicing for life saving equipment.

    We also provide immersion and survival suits to protect workers from hypothermia if falling into cold water.
  • Electrical safety square
    Electrical safety With more high voltage electrical installations onboard, hybrid propulsion systems and alternative fuels, safety requirements are changing.

    We bring our knowledge and experience of working in the power and renewables sectors where we developed the market leading FireBear range of lightweight, highly protective FR Arc garments.
  • Lift and loading square
    Lifting and loading Working dockside or onboard can involve handling of various types of cargo, ropes, chains and equipment. We provide a range of hand protection to protect against cuts, abrasions and impact as well as contaminants.

    Suitable gloves are also need for handling wet or oily items to ensure grip while keeping the wearers hands dry and protected.

    Thermal and waterproof gloves are needed for cold and wet weather.

    In addition, working in wet and slippery conditions requires the correct safety footwear that may also need to be waterproof and impervious to fuel and oils.
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