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Cruise ship crew uniforms

We've been working with cruise for decades, with a unique understanding of the importance of quality uniforms that are always fit for purpose.

Why uniforms are so important in cruise

Cruise ship employees are both the friendly face of the ship and the force behind the running of the vessel. They play a crucial role in the customer experience, which is why something as simple as what they wear can actually make a big impact on both guests and employees themselves.

Cruise ship uniforms are more than brand identity or professionalism. They also enhance employee satisfaction, provide protection from hazards, and defend against the elements that employees may come across throughout the working day. A uniform is also something that is likely to be worn for hours on end, meaning comfort must come into play.


Corporate uniform

Look smart and professional with our full rage of corporate workwear.

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Corporate uniform

Look smart and professional with our full rage of corporate workwear.

In-house branding service

Our highly trained operatives can add any logo to uniforms, workwear, and PPE, to create a unique look for your brand.


Variety of products

Whether it's uniforms for the housekeeping team or custom wear for your activity instructors, we can source the right workwear to protect every member of your team.

Quality & expertise

With over 40 years of workwear and PPE expertise, Tower knows how to protect workers from a wide range of industries including cruise and marine.

Custom solutions

Uniform doesn't have to be boring! Using our branding solutions we can add your logo to any uniform, ensuring it is specific and unique to your company.


At Tower we are passionate about sustainability and protecting the world around us. This applies to our uniform and workwear, ensuring every aspect of the supply change is as sustainable as possible.

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Cruise ship uniforms by department

Cruise ship hospitality uniform

Whether it’s front or rear of house, positions in hospitality require a uniform that makes a brilliant first impression. Although they are all under the same umbrella of ‘hospitality’, each uniform will require slightly different elements.

Housekeeping uniform

Working with cleaning products requires uniform and PPE that protects workers from chemical burns or reactions (e.g. face masks, gloves, aprons etc.) Workers do not only need to be protected, they also need to maintain a professional image.

Entertainment staff uniform

The purpose of a themed bar or restaurant on a cruise ship is to fully immerse the visitor into the experience, meaning uniforms also need to work for this purpose. If cruise ship staff are dressed in uniforms that break that theme, it ruins that illusion. However, themed uniforms don’t need to be unbranded, meaning you can hit both marks. Similar to themed restaurants, casino workers also have a certain image to uphold. Whether it’s a smart shirt or a tuxedo, casino workers must look the part when they’re working. And they can do so in branded uniforms.

Activity Instructor Uniform

The physical activity of sports instructors demands different requirements from cruise ship uniforms, as movement, durability and breathability become top priorities. Aesthetically, sportswear often looks different to everyday wear, which is something that can be considered when speaking with your cruise ship uniform suppliers.

Plus, if watersports are involved, the uniform must be waterproof and prioritise health and safety in the water or on smaller vessels.

Find out more about the importance of branded PPE and clothing.

Hotel administration

As employees that will be meeting cruise goers face-to-face, their uniform should be smart, branded and representative of the ship.

Food and beverage

Comfort and hygiene are key for employees who work with food and beverage, and PPE suited to the kitchen should also be provided (e.g. aprons, hair nets, etc.)


Comfort is a high priority for stewards, as they will likely spend hours on their feet helping customers and upholding the values of the ship.

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Deckhand Uniform

Health and safety is paramount for deckhands. As employees that uphold the maintenance of the vessel and boat operations, deckhands are often passionate about safety, cleanliness and customer service, and their uniforms will reflect this.

When working with ropes, fenders, cleaning products, and maintenance tools, deckhands need a uniform that best enables them to carry out their jobs, while staying safe and protected.

By providing branded PPE to deckhands, you are ensuring all precautions are being taken to focus on the safety of your employees, without compromising your branding. Discover the most effective forms of PPE for the cruise industry.

Officer and cadet uniform

Tower Supplies has years of expertise in the technical side of the marine and maritime industry so we are also able to provide uniforms for those in officer and cadet roles. Find out more about how we help protect those in marine roles through the work we do in the industry.

Personal care

Whether it’s beauticians, nail technicians, or cosmetologists, personal care employees will need branded uniforms that are suitable for their roles. Branded tunics, scrubs and aprons not only work as protective and hygienic uniforms, but they also accurately portray the job roles in a professional manner.

Custom uniforms for cruise ship staff

No two jobs on a cruise ship are the same. A deckhand and a hospitality worker will carry out entirely different tasks during their work days, coming up against different elements and challenges, so their uniforms will serve different purposes. If you were to put both these workers in the exact same uniforms, the result would be unsuitable.

Although each job role will need a slightly different design, they can still be entirely coordinated and branded to suit your ship. We understand the need for branded workwear for both employee recognition and customer satisfaction, that's why we can help place your logo on suitable workwear. Using the latest machine technology and highly trained operatives we are able to add your logo either by embroidery or Heat-seal.

You can find out more about the branded clothing that Tower Supplies offers through our custom solutions.

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Cruise ship uniform supplies you can rely on

At Tower Supplies, we’ve been supplying cruise ship uniforms for these job roles (and many more) on a global scale from UK and European depots for years, providing us with unrivalled experience.

With experience in every aspect from back-of-house protective clothing to engine room PPE, you know you're working with a trusted supplier that delivers expert advice as well as PPE.

Contact us today on 01202 718000 or fill out the form below if you’d like to work with a cruise ship uniform supplier you can trust.

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