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We're a trusted safety expert and single source supplier of technical workwear, PPE, and safety equipment to the power and renewable energy industry. Wherever you work, we have the product range and knowledge to supply the right equipment for working at heights and in confined spaces, and the right clothing for working around power sources.

We talk to companies every day about the concerns around workplace safety in power, especially in the ever-changing and dynamic renewables industry. This is why we build working relationships with our customers that combine wearer safety and comfort, with product development and innovation. By working with manufacturers and customers such as SSE and SGN, we develop new products and features that improve safety and comfort. All available in our market-leading FireBear range, exclusively from Tower.

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We provide specialist breathing equipment designed for working in toxic and confined spaces.

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We understand offshore working and provide lifejackets and survival suits for working near water.

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We provide the best fall arrest and safety equipment to keep you safe when working at heights.

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  • Power and Utilites
    Partnerships We’re more than a supplier partner, adding value through experience, sustainability, innovation, and unrivalled services. We believe there is no problem we cannot tackle, or solution we cannot find, by working together.

    Customers trust in our ability to understand their business and provide solutions for any work environment or set of requirements.

    As well as a product supplier and manufacturer, we're also a trusted expert at your side to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.
  • FR AS ARC catalogue
    Innovation As a leading provider of protective workwear and PPE, Tower Supplies recognises the critical nature of such protective gear and offers a comprehensive range of FR/arc flash clothing solutions, including our FireBear range.

    Flame retardant (FR) & arc flash PPE is a crucial type of protective clothing. It can mean the difference between life and death for those working with fire and electrical hazards and are at risk from severe burns and other life-threatening injuries.
  • Bruce Woodfield video clip
    People We work at the forefront of global requirements, delivering expert technical advice and first-hand experience. We also provide the latest industry information and share best practices that help ensure employee safety, security for the employer, and peace of mind for everyone.

    Divisional Managing Director - Power & Utilities, Bruce Woodfield is a leading authority on arc flash PPE and is also highly knowledgeable about the requirements of the Energy and Utilities industry.
  • Tower Ctrl Cloud BSIF Annual
    Supply CtrlCloud is a revolutionary smart ordering platform designed to simplify the management of PPE, workwear, and uniforms, tailored to your business needs.

    Tailored to your business needs, CtrlCloud offers enhanced efficiency, and complete control over ordering and usage, perfect for multi-site businesses with diverse safety requirements. CtrlCloud also helps businesses achieve up to a 20% cost-saving thanks to optimised resource allocation and streamlining of processes.
  • Multiethnic businessmen discussing new business st 2023 11 27 05 05 55 utc
    Value Any supplier can deliver products. But only a trusted partner with decades of experience and understanding can help you manage your product assets and regain control. For organisations with complex and substantial buying requirements, Tower offers a proven process that delivers unrivalled buying and usage oversight.

    Through a combination of consultancy, product supply, training and software, Tower enables global businesses to predict spend, gain clarity, design products that meet their specific needs, and experience greater efficiency.
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Tower's partnership with SSE

We work closely with customers such as SSE to continually drive innovation and improve workplace safety. By regularly reviewing their needs through strategic business planning, we can identify where Tower can support and facilitate change using our position as a vital part of the supply chain.

Female PPE

Learn how we have worked with SSE and manufacturer partners to create a range of female PPE that caters directly for the needs of SSE’s growing female workforce.

Taking a closer look at PPE

SSE Occupational Safety Advisors Heather Bishop and Ian Alexander join Bruce Woodfield to discuss the latest product developments for our range of FireBear FR & Arc flash PPE.

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