Sustainable cleaning

Sustainable cleaning provides cost-effective solutions whilst also minimising your environmental impact.

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We understand that maintaining a clean and healthy workplace is crucial for the success of any business. But traditional cleaning methods can often harm the environment and pose health risks to employees. That's why we're dedicated to providing eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are effective, efficient, and sustainable.

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Sustainable innovations

We believe that innovation underpins every aspect of sustainability, including sustainable cleaning. We have carefully curated a selection of innovative cleaning products and solutions that meet the requirements of our customers. From cruise ships to prison facilities, we can find a product to suit your needs.

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    Eliminating synthetic chemicals  CtrlFlow ECA machines are effective at reducing plastic packaging used for cleaning products by creating cleaning solutions on-site using salt, water, and electricity. This eliminates the need for pre-packaged products, resulting in a significant reduction of plastic waste.
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    Reducing water waste  The i-mop is a game-changer for its efficiency and eco-credentials. The i-mop is designed to use microfiber technology, requiring less water and fewer chemicals to reduce its environmental impact. Its water-saving properties make it excellent those looking to minimise their water usage without sacrificing cleaning performance.

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ECA water: The story so far

The development of ECA water as a cleaning and disinfecting solution has a rich history that goes back 100 years.

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"We believe that innovation will continue to underpin and drive almost every aspect of future sustainability.

Charles Aris - CEO

ECA Water and SAO

We explain more about two of the world's leading water-based sustainable cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

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Reflections on the latest report from Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association

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