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Enjoy smooth sailing with our single-source solution

Eliminate the problems of managing multiple suppliers by consolidating with a single-source distributor, safety expert, and trusted partner for ferries.

Is your ferry business juggling multiple suppliers?

It's a situation that can happen quickly. As your ferry company grows, so does the types of employees that need workwear, uniform, and protective equipment. All these groups have their own sets of requirements and ordering habits. The natural thing is to assume that each time a new type of product is needed, you look for the right supplier to deliver it. But when we speak to customers, they find that using different suppliers for everything can cause confusion and uncertainty about delivery, costs, safety, and product allocations.

We believe that consolidating your supply needs into a single-source partnership with Tower is the solution. We’re one of the only suppliers that can provide expertise, advice, and delivery on any product solution you need. Plus, we set you up with your own version of our leading CtrlCloud online ordering platform, to give you complete control over how products are ordered and allocated to your employees. Find out more below about our products, solutions, and value add services.

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“I speak to maritime companies all the time about using multiple suppliers and the stress it causes across their business. When they hear that we consolidate all their supplies into one manageable pipeline they always want to hear more. Then I show them that we have leading online product ordering and management software to back it up, and it really makes the difference!”

Divisional Managing Director, Simon Beaumont


Our marine coveralls

We're not just a distributor, we also manufacture our own marine coveralls. Our range includes classic, feature-rich elite, and FR treated anti-static coveralls. All in a range of colours to suit your business.

Why choose Tower?

Benefits of a single source supplier

  • Simplified buying
  • Reduced safety risk
  • Consistent level of service
  • Consolidated delivery
  • Rationalised ranges
  • Improved cost-in-use
  • Checklist main image
    Supplier checklist Ensure you’re asking all the right questions in your supplier research – or tender process - that will cover everything you currently need with our single source solution checklist.
  • Tower Ctrl Cloud BSIF Annual
    Smart ordering solution If you’re a company with multiple sites and hundreds or even thousands of employees, then CtrlCloud is the ultimate solution to control all the ordering, managing, and allocating of products. CtrlCloud also helps businesses achieve up to a 20% cost-saving thanks to optimised resource allocation and streamlining of processes.
  • Water
    Sustainable cleaning We have sustainable solutions that can completely transform your onboard cleaning processes. Instead of using synthetic chemicals, our solutions use innovative technology to generate a highly effective water-based liquid that replace up to 90% of your traditional cleaning products.

    These solutions are currently being used onboard P&O Cruises’ vessels to clean surfaces, rooms, and public areas. This is massively reducing their carbon footprint by eliminating the storing, sourcing, and transport of chemicals that need to be stored within single use plastic containers.
  • Simon Beaumont
    Meet the team We’re more than a supplier partner, adding value through experience, sustainability, innovation, and unrivalled services. We believe there is no problem we cannot tackle, or solution we cannot find, by working together.

    Customers trust in our ability to understand their business and provide solutions for any work environment or set of requirements.

    As well as a product supplier and manufacturer, we're also a trusted expert at your side to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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