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How to choose construction clothing

Mastering construction uniform: A guide to selecting the ideal construction workwear

How do I select construction workwear?

In the construction industry, selecting appropriate clothing is paramount to ensuring both safety and comfort on the site. The right construction clothing not only protects workers from potential hazards but also enhances their ability to perform effectively. Here are some key considerations to help you select the most suitable construction clothing.

Safety standards

Select clothing that meets industry safety standards. This might include high-visibility clothing (like vests or jackets) that comply withEN ISO 20471 standards so you are always visible on site, especially if you're working near traffic or in low-light conditions. For specific tasks, such as welding or cutting, flame-resistant or arc flash clothing may be required. Discover more about the safety standards for your industry.


Choose durable, high-quality fabrics that can withstand the rigorous conditions of construction work. Cotton and canvas blends are often preferred for their breathability and toughness. For specific hazards, like sparks or chemicals, look for materials that offer appropriate protection.

Comfort and fit

Construction work can be physically demanding, so choose clothing that allows for freedom of movement. Look for relaxed-fit styles with reinforced stitching at stress points. Adjustable features like waistbands or cuffs can enhance comfort and utility for comfort.

The construction industry is becoming more diverse, with an increasing number of women entering the field. Addressing women's clothing needs promotes inclusivity and diversity within the industry. Women have different body shapes and sizes compared to men, so providing construction clothing designed specifically for women ensures better fit and comfort. Ill-fitting clothing can hinder movement and productivity on the job site.

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Weather protection

Consider the climate and weather conditions of your work environment. In colder climates, insulated jackets and trousers are crucial, while lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics are ideal for hot conditions. It's important to consider that different seasons call for different workwear.


Construction work often requires carrying tools and equipment. Look for clothing with ample pockets and compartments to keep essential items accessible and secure. It's crucial to pick the right construction clothing for the job.


If you work in low-light conditions or near traffic, choose clothing with reflective strips or bright colours to enhance visibility and reduce the risk of accidents.


Choose clothing that allows you to layer depending on changing weather conditions. This flexibility ensures comfort and adaptability throughout the workday whilst not having to compromise on safety.

When it comes to choosing the right construction clothing, thorough consideration of all points above is paramount. By utilising this knowledge as a comprehensive starting point, individuals can make informed decisions that prioritise safety, comfort, and productivity in the demanding construction environment.

Taking into account the specific hazards and needs of the work environment ensures that the chosen clothing not only meets regulatory requirements but also effectively mitigates risks and enhances overall work performance. By integrating these considerations into the selection process, you can select construction clothing that prioritises safety, comfort, and functionality for your specific work environment.

Why is construction clothing important?

Construction clothing is vitally important because it plays a key role in ensuring the safety and well-being of workers on construction sites. Accidents are unfortunately common in this industry, largely due to inherent hazards such as falling debris and the use of dangerous equipment.

By implementing appropriate construction clothing, including helmets, high-visibility vests, gloves, and steel-toe boots, workers are better protected from these risks. This safety gear not only helps prevent injuries but also enhances visibility, allowing for better communication and coordination among the team.

Construction clothing is a critical aspect of workplace safety, providing essential protection against the unique challenges and dangers faced on construction sites.

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PPE Supplies

It’s essential that you work with a supplier that prioritises safety and quality above all else.
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Why is safety a major issue on construction sites?

Safety is a critical concern on construction sites due to the inherently high-risk environment characterised by heavy machinery, elevated work areas, and various hazards like falling objects, flames and electrical equipment.

The complexity of construction work, often involving multiple tasks and tight deadlines, increases the likelihood of accidents if safety protocols are not strictly followed. Accidents on construction sites can lead to serious injuries or fatalities, highlighting the importance of rigorous safety measures. The presence of diverse contractors and workers from different trades further complicates safety coordination. Strict regulatory requirements govern construction safety, and non-compliance can result in legal consequences and financial penalties.

Construction companies prioritise safety through proactive measures including safety training, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), regular inspections, hazard assessments, and adherence to safety protocols to mitigate risks and ensure worker well-being.

Flame-resistant and arc flash clothing

FR & arc flash PPE & protective clothing that ensures safety and compliance when working with fire/electricals.
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Why choose Tower as your trusted supplier?

At Tower, we understand the critical importance of workplace safety and protection. Our extensive range of personal protective equipment (PPE) is designed to meet rigorous safety standards and enhance safety in diverse work environments. Whether you operate in construction, manufacturing, or any other industry, we provide tailored PPE solutions that prioritise your safety. Beyond offering quality products, we offer expert advice on PPE care and emphasise the significance of partnering with a trusted supplier.

Our branded PPE options not only ensure safety but also project professionalism. With Tower as your PPE supplier, you can mitigate risks in hazardous workplaces and benefit from a comprehensive, single-source solution for all your safety needs.

Contact our team today for any enquiries about your PPE requirements.

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Types of PPE we provide

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    Extreme temperature PPE Experience unwavering safety in even the harshest of environments. Explore our innovative temperature-adaptive PPE solutions for those working in or near extreme temperatures.
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    Chemical PPE PPE and chemical-resistant clothing protect workers against chemicals that cause an adverse effect on skin or when inhaled could cause internal damage. To protect against the risk of direct skin contact with chemicals, it’s vital the correct PPE and chemical-resistant clothing is worn.
  • AA High Vis
    Hi Vis PPE High-visibility workwear, often referred to as hi-vis workwear, plays a crucial role in enhancing safety across various working environments such as industrial, warehouses, security and construction.
  • FR Arc
    FR/Arc Flash PPE FR & Arc Flash clothing is essential for industries such as electrical utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, and more, where workers are at risk from severe burns and other life-threatening injuries.
  • Forestry5 HD
    Forestry PPE There are several types of PPE that is vital when working with tree cutting and carrying equipment. And due to the importance of forestry PPE, all equipment must meet its required safety standards.

How do you know if your construction wear meets safety standards?

Ensuring that your construction wear meets safety standards is crucial for maintaining a safe work environment. Here are steps you can take to ensure your construction gear meets the necessary safety standards.

Construction clothing checklist

By following these steps, you can ensure that your construction wear meets the necessary safety standards and helps protect workers from potential hazards on the job site.

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The importance of construction colours

The significance of construction colours, particularly in ensuring safety and operational efficiency on construction sites, cannot be overstated. Construction colours are essential for several key reasons.

Firstly, they enhance visibility and promote safety by making workers easily identifiable with vibrant hues like fluorescent orange, yellow, or lime green. This visibility reduces the risk of accidents by making workers more noticeable to equipment operators and fellow workers.

Additionally, compliance with regulations governing construction colours for personal protective equipment (PPE) ensures workers are equipped appropriately, fostering a safer environment. Different colours can also signify specific roles within the construction hierarchy, aiding role differentiation and emergency response preparedness.

The consistent use of construction colours promotes a safety culture, facilitates non-verbal communication, standardises recognition of safety measures, and ultimately reduces accidents and near-misses on construction sites. Adhering to established colour standards is crucial for creating safer and more efficient work environments in the construction industry.

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